Top 5 places to buy a massage chair

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Direct from the manufacturer.  The best place to buy a best massage chair is the manufacturer itself. Purchasing a massage chair directly from the manufacturer will save you a lot of time, money and avoid the future h

Costco!  Costco always brings their members the best possible prices on quality brand-name manufacturers. They research carefully the industry and manufacturers to offer the best products for their members. Plus it is possible for you to try the chair if there are Costco Special Events in your regions. Also, at Costco you get exclusive member services, all designs in order to make your shopping experience pleasurable. As a result, purchasing at Costco causes less risk, less headaches, and more customer support before, during and after sale.

Specialty Back Stores.   At Specialty Back Stores, different chairs are available, you will be able to try, touch and feel luxurious massage chairs at the first time. The only backward of this place is that the price is slightly higher and the manufacturers and chair models are limited.

Amazon is one of the best places to purchase a massage chair. However, in order to buy a high-end massage chair at Amazon, you need to pay attention on three things. Firstly, there are many different massage chair types at Amazon including good quality and not so good quality. You will able to get advanced chairs at Amazon by avoiding the second-hand chairs and paying attention on the new ones. Secondly, don’t be fooled by Amazon’s descriptions of massage chair. Thirdly, you need to spend lots of time on learning about each manufacturer through its website before purchasing a massage chair.

Online Dealers.  Today, internet becomes more and more popular and online dealers are the channel most people choose to purchase a massage chair. Make your decision based on our “cautious” list of online dealers. You will able to get a right chair via internet, but make sure you carefully vet the dealer status such as its inventory, price and customer support.

Massage Chair Buying Guide 2015

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